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Operations Support

AHG’s operating philosophy is “Plan Your Work and Work Your Plan.” General management at every property is tasked with preparing an annual business plan consisting of a marketing plan and operating budget. The corporate team implements the plan and uses it as the benchmark to measure performance, offer continued guidance and refine the plan as needed. AHG takes a hands-on approach to maximizing the performance of every property. Our operations support includes:

  • Standard Operating Procedures: Best practices that maintain consistency and professionalism
  • Reporting: Daily, weekly and monthly financial and marketing summaries
  • Site Visits: Regular on-property visits provide invaluable insight on the performance of each property and promote strong working relationships
  • Facilities Management: Preventive programs designed to ensure the quality and reliability of the hotel’s physical facilities
  • Technology: Web-based software that provides real time access to financial, marketing and HR information

The AHG management model achieves two fundamental objectives simultaneously:

  1. Empowering property management
  2. Guiding initiative at the corporate level

We provide one-on-one support to accomplish these objectives, including daily interaction with each hotel. Our professionals use web-based software and personal communication to monitor performance, refine existing procedures and proactively apply new strategies as needed.


Financial Management

AHG’s proprietary “Parallel Accounting System” (PAS) has streamlined hotel financial management for hoteliers across the country. This innovative technology is based on the M3 accounting, payroll and general ledger software package. The PAS closely monitors the financial health of the hotel with cash as the primary consideration.

Parallel accounting is a two-way street between the hotel and our corporate office that maximizes transparency and productive communication between Packard, the hotel, and the owners. Financial activity is reconciled daily between the hotel and our in house accountants to ensure that all eyes are continually reviewing data for accuracy and timeliness across all financial transactions. Our turnkey financial management services include:

  • Daily revenue reports
  • Web-based software with real time income and expense statistics
  • Cash flow analysis
  • Accounts receivable oversight
  • Accounts payable that is entered on-property, then posted and paid at the corporate office
  • Strong fiscal management from annual budgets to detailed, concise and on-time financial statements


Human Resources

People are the heart and soul of any business. That is why Avalon Hospitality Group is dedicated to assembling strong and well-managed workforces for our client properties.

Our recruiting and vetting services enable us to attract and select the most qualified candidates. We have expertise to recruit, place and support personnel so as to maximize their performance and quality of service they provide. Our portfolio of HR services include:

  • Proactive recruitment efforts
  • Interview guidance for managers
  • Thorough background checks and pre-employment drug screening
  • Ongoing team member training
  • Comprehensive performance management guidance
  • Employee coaching guidance for managers
  • Detailed job descriptions with clear objectives and responsibilities

AHG delivers a diverse array of HR services that support the full spectrum of Human Resources functions including:

  • Employee Benefits - We solicit competitive bids for voluntary benefits and continuously evaluate compliance with employee benefits mandates
  • Health, Safety and Security - AHG provides clear procedures and training and effectively manages all Worker’s Comp claims to reduce risk
  • Customized HR Forms & Services - We create employee handbooks and HR forms and documents to meet your specific business needs
  • Payroll and Recordkeeping Services - AHG provides fully compliant record keeping and payroll services in any city or state
  • Employee Relations - Should HR incidents occur, they are reviewed and monitored by a seasoned HR professional

We customize these services to meet the individual needs of your business. It is just one of the ways that Avalon Hospitality Group can help you develop and grow your business to achieve your specific objectives.


Project Management

AHG’s turn-key project management team has a distinguished reputation for efficient and cost-effective completion of construction, conversion and renovation projects. Our versatile corporate structure, bolstered by the diverse capabilities of our staff, is the reason behind the impressive results we have achieved across market segments.

As with every AHG business area, project management begins with planning our work and then working that plan. The first step is a Product Improvement Plan Survey (PIP), where we identify and evaluate the benefits and cost-effectiveness of potential capital improvements. Green-lighted improvements undergo additional scrutiny. We define the scope of work, then coordinate design, budgeting, fund control and the other myriad details of the project. Owners have come to rely on our thoughtful, personalized approach; our dedication to achieving their specific business goals for each property; and the broad-based skills, talent and capabilities we bring to bear.


Revenue Management

The AHG corporate Revenue Management team develops and supports the unique revenue management efforts of each client hotel with the goal of driving RevPAR and exceeding market share penetration. Their capabilities include:

  • Revenue management strategy development and implementation
  • Critical analysis of strategy, room statistics, and demand factors
  • Developing and monitoring pricing strategies by market segment
  • Capitalizing on revenue opportunities in all distribution channels
  • Optimizing revenue streams through market mix manipulation
  • Managing relationships with the brands and e-Commerce market managers
  • Conducting weekly detailed revenue management meetings to direct pricing, e-Commerce, distribution channels, competitive set pricing review, transient and group pace


Sales & Marketing

The AHG corporate Sales and Marketing team develops and supports the unique direct sales and marketing efforts of each client hotel with the goal of driving revenue and exceeding sales goals. Their capabilities include:

  • Lead generation with National Accounts in coordination with our Brands
  • Strategic sales goal planning by market segmentation
  • Launching and overseeing e-Commerce including SEO, PPC campaigns and web content
  • Monthly review of Hotelligence, STR, Sales Strategy and Productivity Reports
  • Sales and Marketing Owner Report Generation including e-Commerce Statistics, Weekly Sales Summary and Pace Report
  • Coordination of Sales Blitz’s, National Sales appointments, calls and participation per brand
  • Complete comprehensive annual sales and marketing planning
  • Developing cost-effective advertising, collateral materials, promotions and public relations
  • Franchise integration sales training


Food & Beverage

The Food & Beverage concepts are individualized to the specific property and guests’ needs. Restaurants, lounges, meeting and event spaces are positioned to complement a hotel's identity and market. Each location is designed to require minimum capital investments while targeting maximum rates of return.

Our Food & Beverage operations reflect passion and creativity. The oversight of all aspects of quality and service result in a positive guest experience and positive financial performance.

Food & Beverage operational support includes:

  • Standard operating procedures for all aspects of food quality, service standards and internal controls
  • Menu and recipe development
  • Purchasing specifications and inventory control
  • Site visits to audit and measure food quality and consistency, service standards, safety and sanitation and staff performance
  • Daily, weekly and monthly measurement of budgetary financial performance
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